Floyd Mayweather Won $75,000 Betting On UConn, Naturally

Apparently the only things we’re allowed to write about today are WrestleMania and the NCAA championship game, so here’s the perfect combination of the two: a guy who once won a match at WrestleMania won a shitload of money betting on the NCAA championship game.

It’s not a major sporting event these days if it isn’t followed by Floyd Mayweather Jr. tweeting about how much money he made gambling on it. If you’ll recall, he put our lives into dust-speck perspective last September when he pocketed absurd dough betting on college football, and now he’s back to make more than most of us make in a year betting on the UConn Huskies.

Via his Twitter, which might as well be @LOLYOUAREPOORFOREVER:

Welp. Gonna go put on brass knuckles and punch myself until I pass out, I guess.