Dana White Goes Off On Jon Jones And Insists ‘There’s No Reason For Us To Talk’

One thing is clear: there is no love lost between Dana White and Jon Jones after news broke that Jones failed a drug test, leading to the cancellation of his fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 200. The Light Heavyweight Championship fight was scrapped, and just like that yet another UFC main event did not go as scheduled and Dana is understandably frustrated.

Dana called into Colin Cowherd’s The Herd to talk UFC 200 and Jones’ suspension and he did not pull any punches. “Listen, I don’t know where Lorenzo (Fertitta) is on this issue but I still haven’t talked to Jon Jones,” he told Cowherd. “There’s nothing for me and Jon Jones to talk about. I haven’t (talked to him) and I’m not gonna. There is nothing for us to talk about. I’m not talking to Jon Jones, I’m not talking to him. There’s no reason for us to talk.”

From there, Dana went on to say he believes Jon’s explanation for the failed test from his tearful press conference Thursday. “The guy is a professional. I truly believe, listen I’m not the biggest Jon Jones fan right now, but I truly that he did take a supplement that had this stuff in it and it wasn’t intentional. I truly believe that.”

However, Dana also places the blame on Jon for not being more stringent and cautious about what he’s taking and not informing United States Anti-Doping Agency. “But at the same time, come on. Okay?” he continued. “You’re 28 years old, you’re probably the greatest talent to ever step foot in this sport. Right? Call USADA and tell them what supplements you’re taking. You’ve already been through this history of just absolute madness.”

Dana was clearly upset, but he also sympathized with Jon a tad, “Why would you do this — forget doing it to us — why would you do this to yourself?” Finally he took aim at Jon’s team for not looking out for him and his best interest. “And the guys that are around him are just as bad,” Dana said. “The guys that are supposed to be looking out for him and watching his back? Give me a break.”

In the end the UFC powers that be scrambled to find a replacement for Jones and Cormier will now fight Anderson Silva in a three-round, non-title bout, but even with as intriguing and fun as that fight can be, the damage is done. UFC 200 lost its main event and the promotion may have lost its most talented athlete for a few years.