So Just How Many Perfect Brackets Are Left In This NCAA Tournament?

Today’s action is underway, so any of the very few lucky bastards who made it out of yesterday’s NCAA Tournament games unscathed should probably immediately return to the basement of whichever churches that you’ve been watching in. Obviously, with several upsets, four overtime games and just a lot of generally exciting action, there probably aren’t many people left out of the millions who filled out brackets that are still perfect. But the most curious among us would still love to know how many people still have a chance to win Quicken Loan’s $1 billion bracket challenge (even though nobody on this planet will win when all is said and done).

Unfortunately, Yahoo! Sports only allows you to see the Top 50 in the standings, and all 50 that are listed currently have perfect brackets. But ESPN’s fantasy guru Matthew Berry has some more specific statistics in regard to the Worldwide Leader’s online bracket competition, and they’re probably a good indicator of how many people are alive in both. Basically, A LOT of people went back to dreaming after yesterday.

I’m actually more fascinated by the 12 brackets that got 0. If those aren’t people who forgot to fill them out, that is f*cking remarkable. Like, how do you get 12 wrong? Better yet, how hard is it to get the entire first round of picks wrong? You’d have to screw up and get a few right, I’d imagine. There should be a prize for that. Like a bottle of really cheap booze and a one-year contract to appear on First Take.

*I just really wanted to use that banner image of Harvard’s band, despite the fact that it’s mostly irrelevant. Those nerds are my spirit animals.