The Crowd Went Nuts When This Security Guard Chased Down And Crushed A Streaker

It’s been an outstanding year for security guards who take down streakers. This is especially true in the NFL –- the MVP thus far has been the security guards at MetLife Stadium who were merciless against a pair of dudes who thought it was a good idea to sprint onto the field during a Jets game.

This hero may not be on the same level as those guys, but this is still an incredible performance by a security guard against a streaker. During Sunday night’s game between the Chiefs and the Broncos in Kansas City (which also featured a fat guy touchdown pass!), some dude in a blue cape decided to take a leisurely stroll onto the field. He didn’t seem like he was going too fast, which meant that our humble security guard could turn on the jets and catch up to him quickly.

The guard did just that, but he didn’t close the gap all the way on the ground. Instead, he launched himself at the streaker like he was a linebacker making a last-ditch effort to keep someone from getting into the end zone. The streaker got consumed in the guard’s arms, the pair went to the ground, and presumably, the Chiefs immediately offered this guard a contract, because there are plenty of dudes who could learn a thing or two about tackling from this guy.

(Via SB Nation)