American Hero Katie Ledecky Got Mobbed In The Airport Upon Returning To The United States

Outside of Simone Biles, no one made themselves a bigger star with their performance at the Rio Olympics than Katie Ledecky. The 19-year-old swimmer just wrecked people in the pool, winning four gold medals and a silver during her stint in Brazil. She won most of those medals by beating her opponents so thoroughly that it made it look like Ledecky was swimming against children.

On Wednesday, Ledecky returned to the United States. Because she is suddenly a star, she was greeted by a mob of friends, media people, and dudes who look like they are going to try and get her autograph so they can throw them on eBay in the hopes of making a profit.

Notice how when Ledecky walked through the doors, she was wearing all of her medals. This, of course, is the single most baller thing you can do after you win any number of Olympic medals.

Additionally, Ledecky took some time to briefly talk to the press. She basically said that her next move is to prepare to move into college – Ledecky’s going to Stanford, where she will swim and beat the bejesus out of every other collegiate swimmer for the next four years – and she shouted out her support system. Oh, and she said that she’s going to compete in the Tokyo Games in 2020, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but for swimmers around the world, that gives them something to not look forward to if they compete in Japan.

(via SB Nation)