Leonard Fournette Killed It As He Led LSU In A Delightful ‘Juju On That Beat’

Associate Editor

Leonard Fournette is one of the rare talents in college football who could have probably left for the NFL early and succeeded. He’s been a physical freak of nature since he was in high school, and save for a few subpar performances against Alabama, he’s essentially carved up every defense he’s gone against since he became the team’s featured back. He’s also done this and this. Basically, he’s a terrifying monster despite only being 21.

But if Fournette had the opportunity to leave college early, he probably would have missed out on the camaraderie that exists in college football. That manifests itself in this video, when Fournette – who is the Tigers’ clear leader – and his teammates danced to “Juju On That Beat” in delightful fashion.

Fournette’s at the center of it all and having the time of his life, which isn’t a huge shock, because this looks like it was taken after LSU housed Arkansas in Fayetteville, 38-10. It wasn’t Fournette’s most dominant game – he had a really good night with 98 yards and three touchdowns, but that paled in comparison to his teammate Derrius Guice, who went for 252 yards and a pair of scores.

But still, the Tigers got the win, which is all that matters. One of the reasons college football is so fun is that every win is celebrated like it’s a huge deal, which Fournette and co. showed us in this video.

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