The ‘Old Town Road’ Billy Ray Cyrus Remix Has Rocked The Sports World

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“Old Town Road” is a song by Lil Nas X that’s gotten a lot of attention over the last few weeks as there’s been a lot of debate about whether it’s a country song or not. The tune had rocketed up the country charts before it was abruptly struck down because it wasn’t deemed appropriate.

The argument against the song appearing on the country charts is that it’s, well, not country enough. And to fix that, Lil Nas X engineered a remix with notable Achy-Breaky songster Billy Ray Cyrus.

The song dropped on Friday, and people basically lost their minds about adding a banjo to a banger.

With that new attention came a slew of memes about the song.

These memes quickly became sports memes, which is great news for us all.

This Wade-LeBron meme is pretty apt.

Putting a song like “Old Town Road” on the country charts should be sports, I think. We deserve this.

Reaction videos were pretty great, too.

A very specific sub-genre of the reaction to the meme-friendly tune was, thankfully, Stephen A. Smith-related.

Jake Bauers debuted the song as his walk-up music on Friday night, too.

He apparently wasn’t alone.

And speaking of Cleveland sports, there’s now an Odell Beckham Jr. parody of the song.

Even Liverpool’s big win on Friday got some meme action.

It’s clear that “Old Town Road” is here to stay, and the meme world is much better for it.