Is Magic Johnson Already The Biggest Los Angeles Rams Fan In Their New Home?

The St. Louis Rams, having moved from Los Angeles in 1994, will be going back to the city they once called home. It leaves a void in the hearts of St. Louis fans, although we hear the Colts have openings, but many in the Los Angeles area will be excited to have a pro team to go see. And Magic Johnson is first in line.

It’s great PR for the Rams to build on re-establishing their connection to the city, and Magic Johnson again gets the camera pointed at his box when the games are filmed. One might not be surprised if a minority ownership is in his future someday. After all, he already has stakes in the Dodgers, the Sparks, and the coming MLS team in the city. Magic has done more to associate himself with Los Angeles sports than anyone else, and now he’ll be associating with the Rams.

The Rams will play in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (where USC currently plays) starting next season, until their permanent home in Inglewood is completed in 2019. The Chargers could be joining them, and if they do, it’s already clear who has the inside track at being the primary allegiance in town — the Yankees to the Mets, the Lakers to the Clippers, and the Giants to the Jets. No one wants to be the Jets in this scenario, and it appears the Chargers might be left to the fate.