Miami Had A Great Response To The ACC Suspending Referees

miami hurricanes
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The Miami Hurricanes won their first game in the post-Al Golden era on Saturday night. The U took down Duke 30-27, thanks to an insane final play involving a bunch of laterals on a kickoff that eventually went for a touchdown. It was quite possibly the craziest play of the college football season.

There’s just one problem: it shouldn’t have counted. A flag got picked up for a block in the back, which looked to be the wrong call, and one Miami player who had the ball got tackled and his knee hit the ground but he wasn’t called down. Additionally, a Miami player left the bench and ran onto the field during the play, which is also illegal.

On Sunday, the ACC responded to the final play by bringing the hammer down on the officials who worked the game. The entire crew and the replay official have all been suspended, with ACC commissioner John Swofford saying, “The quality of our officiating program is of the highest importance to the league and its schools, and the last play of the game was not handled appropriately.”

So, to recap: Duke should have won, a few people got suspended, and Miami got incredibly fortunate to go home with a win. What say you, Hurricanes?

Give Miami credit: at the very least, they won Twitter.