Najee Harris Dribbled A Defender Like A Basketball With A Vicious Stiff Arm

It’s been a tough year for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as Mike Tomlin’s unbelievable streak of .500 or better seasons seems set to finally come to an end as the rebuild begins in Western Pennsylvania.

Kenny Pickett has shown signs of growth in his rookie season, but the Steelers offense just lacks the juice to be a consistent threat, in part because their rushing attack has stalled out. Some of that’s because defenses know the Steelers want to lean on the running game more because they have a young QB, but Najee Harris and company just haven’t been able to provide much support to the passing game this season.

Harris has been looking stronger in the last month but suffered an oblique injury in the Monday night win over the Colts, and coming off a short week that was a bit of a concern going into a game with the Falcons. Harris quickly answered questions about how he was feeling with a first quarter run that saw him shed a tackle attempt by a defensive back by dribbling his head into the ground like a basketball with one of the nastiest stiff arms we’ll see all year.

Harris might not have the same burst he showed as a rookie this season as he’s dealt with injuries, but he’s still an incredibly physical runner and if you don’t come with full force to bring him down, you might end up on a highlight reel for the wrong reasons.