The Patriots Set The Record Straight About How Many Team Members Took A Picture With Trump

Getty Image

Maybe this is the first very good example of why you should stick to sports.

The New England Patriots have been getting dragged for at least a year over their connections to Donald Trump, especially the fact that Tom Brady endorsed him and they consider each other friends. Then the Patriots won the Super Bowl, which meant a trip to the White House to visit Trump. And that meant Patriots players announcing they’d rather get their foot caught in a bear trap that do that.

So when the Patriots made the trip Wednesday, the focus was on who wasn’t in attendance, as this New York Times tweet will show.

Paltry showing, right? Well, perhaps at a breaking point as organization, someone inside the Patriots ordered (there’s no way the social media person did this on their own) someone to show the fake New York Times was being sad with fake news blah blah blah.

The Patriots just couldn’t let it go. Sure, Tom Brady bailed on the trip over a “family matter” and there were fewer players this year than in the example given, but hey, the pictures look the same! And yeah, perhaps the reason why other members of the team weren’t in this year’s photo was because they didn’t want to be seen in a photo with Trump, but who can say, really?

At least the Patriots gave the Internet something to dunk on.

Stick to sports, @patriots.