A Philadelphia Restaurant Is Tip-Shaming LeSean McCoy After He Tipped A Server 20 Cents

If there’s one thing that really bothers me in this world, one thing that really grinds my gears, it’s tip-shaming. Also, people who leave crappy tips. So this LeSean McCoy story is everything you hate about restaurants and tipping. Hooray!

If you’re to believe this Facebook post by the PYT bar in Philadelphia, LeSean McCoy is a terrible human being. The Eagles running back left $.20 on a $61.56 bill Monday afternoon.

Here’s the evidence.

PYT’s tip-shaming isn’t going over so well on Facebook. Most patrons are calling them out for being a$$holes (rightfully so).

PYT has some worst service in Philly, they hire the corniest, douchiest hipster ass clowns to wait tables and bar tend, but I always come back for the amazing concoctions.

Bad form PYT. Posting this is disturbing and unprofessional.

Have you read your Yelp page? SMH.

Maybe its because the last few times I was in your sh*t hole restaurant it took me 25 minutes to get a drink on a slow day because your servers and bartenders just sit there and text behind the counter.

And their YELP page is taking a nasty hit as well. In the last 12 hours they’ve received 19 one-star ratings, presumably from folks unhappy about said tip-shaming. For what it’s worth, we asked resident Philadelphian and UPROXX food expert Stacey Ritzen to weigh-in. “That burger place is gross,” she said. “We ate there once and it was already filthy on like a Sunday afternoon and my husband ordered a burger with buns made out of molded, deep fried spaghetti.”

Ok, remind me not to go to this PYT place. EVER. Also, I have to assume LeSean got bad service or did some crappy math here. He doesn’t seem like “that guy.”