Richard Sherman Brought Up The KKK While Shooting Down Dan Carpenter’s Wife’s ‘BS Apology’

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When Richard Sherman cheap-shotted Dan Carpenter on Monday, everyone was mad. Nobody was more upset than Carpenter’s wife, Kaela Carpenter, who felt the appropriate action against Sherman wasn’t a 15-yard penalty but a castration. Kaela’s castration tweet — and you won’t believe this — was deleted.

She did issue a tweeted “apology,” although nowhere in her “apology” is the word “sorry,” or a form of the word “apologize.” From TMZ:

“My attempt at humor during a heated and highly controversial NFL game has not been received the way I intended When I saw the out of control nature of the events that happened on the field, I jokingly wanted to relate it to life on the farm, where I grew up, and how it would have been handled there. Unfortunately, I did not realize that a tone of racism would dominate the response to what I intended to be a lighthearted defense of my husband. Regardless of the narrative that has been attached to my post, it was never intended to be related to race, or the disgusting hatred that created the basis for racism.”

There’s not even one of those “I’m sorry if you were offended” lines. Most times, all people want is just a little remorse. Never, in any context, does anyone ever want a joke explanation.

Sherman was asked about the joke explanation thing, and he wasn’t feeling it. From ESPN:

“It’s not surprising at all,” Sherman said Wednesday. “This is a day and age, you’ve got the Ku Klux Klan running around. People say whatever they want, and there’s very little consequence. For her to say something like that and then have a BS apology like she did, it’s just the way of the world. I don’t let it bother me. It’s something I’m very used to. It’s just the way people are, the way people were raised.”

There you have it. A non-accepting of a non-apology. It’s very 2016.