A Definitive Gallery Of Your Favorite City’s Sports Team Logos Combined

Often times, when I’m doing my morning interwebbrowsinggooglebingtumbletweet routine and sucking down 6 gallons of coffee, I’ll stumble across a picture or video that’s really cool, and I’ll be like, “Hey, the With Leather readers might like this” and then I realize that it’s three years old and it’s already been watermarked by 60 sites that had nothing to do with making it. But sometimes I’m willing to make an exception under the Burnsy Rule of “I ain’t never seen this” and today is one of those days.

Yesterday, CBS Sports re-blogged or re-Tumbled, whatever it’s called, a bigger version of the above image that features a collection of “What If?” city sports team logos. Basically, someone got all hopped up on Photoshop juice and asked the question that nobody else was asking – “What would it look like if sports teams in major cities combined their logos?” And I thought that was really cool. But the problem was, damn dude, why are those logos so tiny?

So I went back to the source of the image, thanks to Tumblr’s handy “Okay, who really posted this?” feature, and that was a dead end, because the person who blogged it 500 notes ago had nothing to do with making it. Thankfully, I know how to type and I have a functional IQ, and I was able to search a little and determine that not only did that awesome image come from a message board thread at Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos from earlier this year, but the creative kids commenting on that site went off with this fun idea.

Specifically, a commenter named “Firefly” had a field day with a variety of sports city logos from Washington DC to San Diego and back, and other commenters joined in to rep their favorite cities. Some of them are awesome and some need a little work, but after the jump you can pick your favorites and then go get them tattooed on your faces like good sports fans.