Sumo GIF Of The Day: Watch This Referee Get His Face Kicked In

This may be a late-season contender for GIF of the year. Here’s what you need to know: it hurts to get kicked in the face by an enormous sumo foot. Check it out, and then we’ll break it down.

1. First things first, I’m already a fan of any sumo wrestler who can execute WWE-crisp hip-tosses. Also, Jushin Thunder Liger-quality koppo kicks.

2. The referee’s sell of the kick is incredible. Instead of doing what I’d do — falling backwards screaming NOOOO as my face exploded, or simply vaporizing — the ref does an hilarious little hop and lands ass-first. Watch him, the more you pay attention to it the funnier it gets.

3. Here’s a picture of me watching this GIF:

4. Thanks to Middle Easy by way of @Stullo4Real for the find.