We May Have Witnessed The Only Justified Nut Punch In Sports History During The Texas Bowl

It’s hard to ever justify one person punching another person in the crotch. It would probably take a somewhat unfathomable amount of disrespect for one human to go “yeah, no one would blame me if I took a swing at another person’s nuts.”

We got something kind of close to that during Wednesday night’s Texas Bowl. Texas A&M had the ball at the end of the first half and decided to take a shot at the end zone as time was expiring. It didn’t work – Kansas State broke up the pass attempt – and after the play, one Aggies player punched a Wildcats player in the ‘nads.

Kansas State defensive back Donnie Starks grabbed Texas A&M wide receiver Josh Reynolds by the neck and threw him to the ground after the play. Starks then squatted down and teabagged Reynolds’ stomach, which is probably one of the more unusual places for a person to get teabagged.

So Reynolds made a fist and while Starks stood up, he punched him in the crotch. Now, nut punches are very bad and should not be a thing that happen with any frequency, but if there’s ever been a time for an athlete to throw hands with an opponent’s genitals, it’s after something like this happens. Still, don’t punch people in the crotch, and don’t rip people to the ground by their neck before squatting onto their torso. There are no winners here.

(Via SB Nation)