Watch As This Toddler Runs Through A Tyke-Sized ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course

Kids absolutely love American Ninja Warrior, and for good reason. The show’s course is essentially a Chuck E. Cheese playground on full-blown steroids. Enter young Yoshi, who’s such a giant fan of the show, his parents made him a tyke-sized version of an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

In the clip, little Yoshi can be seen running through the tiny course and handling almost all of the obstacles with ease, before getting hung up on the “stick set between two logs” station. Like a true ninja warrior, though, he battles through, and finishes out like a true champion.

American Ninja Warrior show host Matt Iseman was so impressed with Yoshi’s performance, he did a complete voice-over for the clip. If this doesn’t get you excited for the conclusion of season 7, then nothing will.

(Via YouTube)