Turns Out There's A Funny Story About This Tim Tebow Picture

Kate Upton was on the Dan Patrick Show earlier today, which marks just another example of how she continues to ignore us, and to make my feelings hurt even more, she’s somewhat of a regular on the show. If you recall, Upton was a guest during Super Bowl week, and she was joined by her fellow Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Chrissy Teigen and the thousands of bros listening were like, “Dude.”

From that appearance came the above photo, Tweeted by Teigen with great enthusiasm, and today Upton added the least surprising revelation to how that photo came about. Obviously, both models wanted the picture with ESPN’s favorite QB, but Tebow? Not so much.

(Via DP Show producer Paul Pabst.)

I realize that man card jokes are so 5 years ago, but this is pretty ridiculous. Think about it – if even the most conservative person agreed with Tebow that a harmless picture with Upton and Teigen could somehow sully his perfect wholesome image, how would that person react to knowing that he stayed at the same hotel that the Adult Video News Awards were being hosted at just a week earlier?

It’s absurd. Just as absurd as any man – gay, straight, religious, godless, political, anarchic, blind or with the vision of a cyborg eagle – turning down a picture with these two women. Because nothing is more important than a man’s bragging rights.