If You Like FREE BEER, But Don’t Care About Winning, Then Head To Orlando

free beer ucf

For all the concern about Oregon falling back down to Earth after getting pasted by Utah on Saturday, there’s a team that won a BCS bowl just two season ago that hasn’t won a single game this year — the University of Central Florida. It’s gotten so bad for UCF that a local sports bar is taking to self-flagellation to bring back supporters (or customers, depending on how you look at it) on game days.

The Basement, a UCF bar 15 miles from campus in downtown Orlando, is offering free beer — FREE BEER — during Knights games until the 0-4 team actually wins a game. The promotion will only extend to the cheap stuff like Coors Light or Yuengling, and management is hoping to make enough money with more premium drinks and food.

The team has fallen so far that it could be the only way the place can hope to bring in customers. It’s so crazy, it just might work. Of course, the more likely outcome of the stunt — again, OFFERING COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS FREE BEER — is that the place is overrun with people getting dangerously wasted for free, choosing not to open their wallets for food, thus ensuring they get even more wasted. And then they’ll be released into the streets! It’ll be anarchy.

Please, for the sake of downtown Orlando’s safety and sanity, win your next game, UCF — they take on 1-2 Tulane on Saturday.

(Via ESPN)