Von Miller Destroys Verne Troyer In ‘NBA 2K15’ For Some Odd Reason

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Today in “Things That Happened For Some Reason,” here’s Super Bowl MVP and master troll Von Miller taking on Verne Troyer in a game of NBA 2k15. The video – which comes to us via Troyer’s official YouTube page – takes place in Troyer’s pretty sweet game room, and it features Miller beating down Troyer like he’s Cam Newton.

The final score ended up being 61-41, with Miller’s Lakers beating Troyer’s Rockets, but the video is notable for the enriching conversation that the Super Bowl MVP and the actor who played Mini-Me have together. Take, for example, the lengthy discussion that the two have on the fine that the Broncos make Miller pay whenever he passes gas, which Troyer follows with an anecdote about how he once ripped one in an attempt to bother Hines Ward’s wife on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap.

The two also discuss things like Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, Miller’s hair, Jim Harbaugh ending up at Michigan, putting mayonnaise on ramen noodles, and their tattoos. Additionally, this video taught us that Miller is one of those guys who uses the Lakers in 2k and just keeps giving the ball to Kobe Bryant, so if you ever end up playing Von Miller in NBA 2k15, you know how to stop him.

In all seriousness, it’s pretty sweet watching two celebrities get to know each other over a game of 2k, even if it is rather one-sided.

(via BroBible and Verne Troyer)

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