You Should Buy A With Leather T-Shirt Because It Will Help People In Need

So the other day I was trying to clean up my home office for once in my life, and I came to the realization that I have way too many With Leather t-shirts taking up space. Last time I tried to give some away, 5 or 6 people didn’t even bother responding, so I thought that maybe nobody likes my shirts. But then I was thinking that these shirts are indeed awesome, and people should wear them. Unfortunately, I’m not giving them away for free anymore.

Instead, I want to do something good with them. I never purchased them to profit, because that’s no fun. I bought them because I thought they’d be fun giveaways and people might wear them and other people would be like, “With Leather? That sounds like an awesome website for my fetish… aw crap, it’s sports.” Now I want to sell them, though, because my friends just got back from New York City, after they were stuck there for 5 days with no power, water and very little food. Also, I just read a story about the hospital employees that carried babies down 20 stories during Hurricane Sandy and my allergies are acting up like crazy.

For $15 you can get one of the grey With Leather t-shirts that you can clearly see in the banner image. After the jump, the rest of the details.

For $30 you can get the very last “I Read With Leather Occasionally” t-shirt (size large) that this lovely young lady from Rick’s Cabaret is displaying.

And for $50, I will personally design one person (first come, and all that jazz) his or her very own custom WL tee.

So there ya go. Buy a WL t-shirt and Kids in Distressed Situations will receive a check from me for every penny that is sent to me. I have 28 t-shirts left, varying in sizes. Email me at and let me know what size you want, and I will give you my PayPal email to complete the transaction.

I only have shirts in M, L and XL so please keep that in mind before emailing me. And don’t complain, because this is for a good cause.