Nike Moves Toward Sneaker Head Gender Equality With New Air Max 720 Colorways


Being a sneakerhead in a world of “these are comfy” shoe purchases gives a certain feeling of exclusivity. You’re part of an elite group of hypebeasts who has been blessed with the ability to recognize the most fashionably dope sneaker silhouettes and colorways. Nike has fueled the flame of this insider vibe with its exclusive sneaker releases, the introduction of members-only perks, and by creating buzz around new colorway releases — all events that, until recently, were mostly for men. The latest release, the Nike Air Max 720 “Sunrise” and “Sunset” colorways, are a slight move away from the boys club, advertised as a “gender neutral” silhouette and colorway.

The Nike Air Max 720 silhouette just dropped a few weeks ago and people are already going nuts about it, and we totally get the hype. Specifically designed for lifestyle and casual use, the sneaks are one of the gender-neutral silhouettes offered by Nike, so everyone gets to enjoy the dopeness. This is pretty unusual for Nike, and is welcomed as a progressive shift away from traditional ideas of “it’s pink and periwinkle for the ladies.”

As a matter of fact, the Nike Web site now features a link to skip straight to the gender-neutral merch. Sounds like someone has been creeping on someone’s Twitter accounts, and is listening.

Nike uses its “oldie but goodie” signature colors for each colorway: the “Sunrise” colorway features Team Orange as well as Black and University Gold, and the ‘Sunset’ colorway is Hyper Pink, black, and Hyper Grape. The shoes drop February 21, and are likely to sell out everywhere quickly, seeing as how both men and women will be vying for the latest freshness.