Ralph Lauren’s ‘Snow Beach’ Collection Returns…And Yes, That Includes Raekwon’s Famous Jacket

01.29.18 1 year ago

Ralph Lauren

If you’re old enough to remember the jacket “that one guy” in Wu-Tang Clan wore in “that one video” that everyone lost their minds over, you’re about to be hella excited. If you’re a hip hop head (or just familiar with its stars) you’ll know that guy was Raekwon, the video was “Can It Be All So Simple,” and you’re probably pissed that we haven’t already provided a link for you to cop the Ralph Lauren parka from the “Snow Beach” Collection that you probably coveted some 25 years ago.

The Ralph Lauren Polo Sport collection is back in all its 1993 glory, and it’s bringing all the nostalgia of the early ’90s with it. Along with the limited edition hoodies, hats, and the iconic yellow, navy blue, and red parka that is an updated limited edition price, seeing as how the collection is now classified as vintage. As early as 2000, the Snow Beach parka was already worth around $800 for those who still had the original piece. Since these are remakes, though, the price has been marked down a bit to around $300 or $400, depending on which piece you’re trying to cop.

Raekwon, who made a style icon of himself by wearing the parka, told GQ, “Polo was the sporty, young-guy type of clothing brand. And people wanted it ’cause it cost a decent amount of money, and people with money wore it. We just adopted it because of the colors, the flags on it. They were winning back then ’cause they had the university type of feel that everyone loved. All it took was people in the rap game to start talking about it and wear it casually to help the brand climb to a level where they won’t even acknowledge it.”

Polo Sport is one of those brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, and BAPE that owes an awful lot to hip hop, and there’s no denying that.”Lo Lifes” wore the brand almost exclusively, and Ralph Lauren solidified its place among the fashion gawds with a color scheme that was easily recognizable, no matter which clothing item you copped. Even today, the Snow Beach Collection has only been out since January 25 and is completely sold out online. Hip hop fashion lovers can still have hope, though, because the black and white version comes out February 1, and while it is not as iconic, it’s still pretty dope.

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