The Essentials Of Road Trip Style — A Guide To Packing For Adventure

06.06.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

I go on a lot of road trips. I go alone. I go with my girlfriends. I go most often with my boyfriend in his van alongside a dirt bike, three surfboards, and seven cameras. But whomever I go with and wherever I go, one universal truth remains: space for me and my things is always limited.

This means that I’ve learned to pack both effectively and economically. To be stylishly and practically prepared. Because a good road trip will throw a lot of different scenarios at you. This means the same travel bag has to outfit you for fifty degree temp changes, impromptu dinner invites in new cities, scaling mountains, jumping off waterfalls, riding dirt bikes through the desert, and reading books by a campfire. I could go on and on forever, because this is how it feels to really road trip. The fun is in the wonder of not knowing where you might go, who you might meet, and what you might climb.

For the past year, I’ve lived out of my car, packing my bags and jumping in someone else’s: desert bound, mountain bound, lakeside-national park-who-knows-where bound. And what I’ve learned is that nothing can kill the buzz more than being unprepared. I’ve learned to scale back what I bring while being smarter in my packing. And while this list might appear to be lady-centric, it’s not, we all adventure the same. Just replace words like “bikini” for “board shorts.” What follows below is a quick list of my most coveted packing items and the stories of how they made it to the top of my list.

Converse sneakers

I imagine years from now this is how he will see me, always riding shotgun with the window down and my dirty sneakers on the dash. The healthy thing about a good pair of sneakers is you can just about live your whole life in them. I wear my Converse with literally everything. I usually pack a sandal in addition, or my Redwing boots depending on where I’m headed. But, if I could only pack one shoe, my Converse would be it. Forever and always.