Here’s What You Should Pack To Survive A Summer Festival


We’ve all been there. Day 3 of a long-awaited summer festival and you feel like the favorite plaything of an outdoor cat: mud-covered, sun-damaged and nibbled on by God knows what. And while you feel like your very soul is sloughing off and sinking into the destroyed turf of whatever park, farm or greenspace these fest organizers have managed to wrangle, you can’t help but notice that there’s people around who are as chipper as you were on day one.

What’s their deal, these almost supernaturally happy humans? Are some people’s reserves of f*cks to give that much deeper than your own? Don’t they know that Sundays are usually weak as all hell? It can’t all be drugs, can it? Chances are, if you’ve come across these folks in your own travels, the reasons for their sunny disposition isn’t some vast reserve of inner strength. More than likely, they’ve just been here a few more times than you and they planned their trip accordingly.

With that in mind, we’ve tagged our festival veterans to give you a list of things you shouldn’t leave home without and tips to become one of those 36 Hour Party People.