Too Black Guys — The Streetwear Brand From Drake’s Blackface Photo

05.31.18 12 months ago

David Leyes/UPROXX

Pusha T’s bars from his song “Infrared,” blasting longtime rival Drake for not writing his own rhymes, resurfaced a rap beef that has been festering for quite some time. Drake responded with his own diss track, “Duppy Freestyle,” then it was back to Push, who some are now referring to as “Pusha Tea” — because he definitely spilled all of it in a second diss, “The Story of Adidon.” Among the more flagrant jabs, Push came for Drake’s friend who has MS, mentioned how Drake’s father left he and his mother when the rapper was only five years old, called out the rumor that Drake has a child with now-retired French porn star Sophie Brussaux, and, in a move that some would say won the beef without anyone having to hear the song, dug up a photo of Drake dressed in blackface for the track’s cover image.

While many Drake stans and music lovers thought Pusha T had found an artist to create the photo, the rapper made it clear on Twitter that the photo was, in fact, real.

To help sprinkle a little water on Drake’s burns, some fans rushed to Drizzy’s aid — explaining that the photo was from a photo shoot the rapper did for a Canadian urban wear brand, Too Black Guys. Lupe Fiasco later explained (in a now-deleted tweet) that the photo Pusha used was cropped so that only the happy Drake minstrel showed and not the black and white photo of a sad Drake minstrel, in sort of a juxtaposition of what blackface performers looked like to audiences and what they felt like in real life.

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