SNX: Featuring Three New YEEZYS Plus The Freshest Shoes Dropping This Week

06.05.19 1 month ago


What is SNX to do when Ye decides to drop not just one, but three new sneakers in one week? We could devote the entire article to the new YEEZYs, deep diving into each stitch and intricate detail, but… that sounds wack. Why should Kanye command all the attention in this column? He already gets it in the real world.

Instead, we made the call to lump the YEEZYs together so that we’d have four slots to celebrate the other dope designs dropping this week, to which there are many.

Here are all the best shoes releasing this week. Resist the temptation to give all your money to Ye and check them out!

ASICS Japanese Racers Pack


ASICS Japanese Racers pack perfectly combines style with performance. You don’t need to be a runner to rock the neon colorways of the Tarther and Skysensor silhouettes, in fact, we can’t even imagine ourselves running in them. We’d probably spend too much time staring down at our feet, which would inevitably lead to crashes.

Featuring a SPEAVAFOAM sole, both the Tarther and Skysensor are composed of primarily knitted textile and suede, and are launching in three eye-catching colorways. The Skysensor will drop in Aquarium Blue while the Tarther will release in both Hot Pink and Safety Yellow. I know sneaker colorway names are generally ridiculous, but Safety Yellow has GOT to be the nerdiest name for a colorway ever. They still look cool though!

The ASICS Japanese Racers Pack is set to drop on June 8th, with both Tarther colorways retailing for $265, and the Skysensor for $270. Pick up a pair at select ASICS retailers or ASICS online store.



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