A Seriously Injured Turtle Just Got A New Lease On Life Thanks To A 3D-Printed Beak

Earlier this year, we saw a turtle get a new lease on life thanks to a 3D-printed shell. Now, another sea-loving reptile has been saved by the same amazing technology.

The turtle in question (seen in the video above) had its snout damaged by a boat propeller. When rescuers found the poor shelled creature, it was nearly dead and no longer able to eat on its own. That’s when they reached out to a company called BTech Innovation, hoping to get the turtle outfitted with a new 3D-printed beak. Per Engadget:

The company recreated the reptile’s upper and lower jaws through software, and it printed out the resulting design using medical-grade titanium. That beak has been surgically attached recently so the critter’s still in recovery, but it’s doing just fine,

As we noted before, this is just one of the many truly astonishing things people have made with 3D printers.

(Via Engadget)