The PlayStation Vita Will Officially Die In 2019

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It’s a sad time for fans of the PlayStation Vita, the portable iteration of the popular Sony-owned gaming platform. Launched in 2011, the Vita was known for its console-quality visuals that far out-paced the graphics found on Nintendo’s competing 3DS, but never really expanded beyond a niche market due to their lack of iconic IPs and the children’s appeal held by Nintendo.

In an interview with senior vice president of Sony Interactive, Hiroyuki Oda, by Famitsu, Oda confirmed that “In Japan, we will manufacture PlayStation Vita until 2019…Currently, we do not have plans regarding a new handheld device.” Despite its ability to stream games from the best-selling PlayStation 4, the Vita was perhaps best known for being a portable platform for indie games. But since the release of the Nintendo Switch, with its at-home or on-the-go functionality, Nintendo is now the go-to console for indie game players and developers, leaving the Vita with no real lasting appeal.

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Another possible reason for the Vita’s lack of success may have been its price. Originally retailing at just under $300 (The cost of a Nintendo Switch), the Vita was double the price of its market-competition the Nintendo 3DS. Even with the PlayStation Vita is being sold at half price at this point, Nintendo is selling it’s 3DS, along with its hundreds-strong gaming library for under $100. While the PlayStation 4 might prove to be the most popular gaming system ever, when it comes to handhelds Nintendo holds strong on market dominance.

If you’ve always wanted a Vita but didn’t want to drop the cash, now is the time. Sales are sure to abundant now that support for the system is doomed.