Tech Blogs Across The Internet Are Getting Fooled By A Parody Tumblr


Hyperreal CG is a deadpan Tumblr that parodies the multitude of computer-generated art blogs on the internet where an absurd amount of time and care is taken to render the most prosaic, boring images. The CG art community tends to focus on technical achievement and realism over rendering stuff you might want to look at, and put an absurd about of time and care into it… so the Tumblr just cuts out the middleman and posts random photos, claiming they’re computer renders. Whether it’s kitchenware, toilets, or ATMs, the descriptions are hilarious. Unless, of course, you don’t get the joke.

Death and Taxes has a lovingly curated collection of tech blogs missing the joke and acting like these images are rendered in a computer instead of just shot, in some cases on a cell phone. Needless to say, a quick reverse image search would reveal the joke, and few, if any, bothered. The Daily Mirror even had a poll about it.

Needless to say, this is a useful reminder that everything on the internet should be lightly seasoned with salt, until you find primary sources. And it’s also a reminder that even well-meaning professionals on the internet can get tripped up if they’re rushing. Hey, at least they’ve found a funny new Tumblr.