Tinder Crashed Due To Facebook Privacy Changes, Sending Users Into A Frenzy


When one of the major social media platforms that everybody uses goes down, things turn a little hectic. Toss two into the mix and it seems that people start to have a lifestyle crisis, sending them wandering into the streets of Twitter or their actual neighborhood to find out what happened. While Facebook didn’t go down, it has been hit with plenty of scandals over the past few weeks thanks to the actions of Cambridge Analytica and other revelations about the platform. The data privacy leaks connected to Cambridge Analytica forced Facebook to change its privacy rules for third-party developers, getting stricter with its “most prominent APIs” according to The Verge, as well as restricting developer access.

A result was Tinder signing folks out of their accounts and not allowing them to sign back in:

Some managed to get to the bottom of the issue after a bit, sharing the news on Twitter. This did not curb the confusion for many and it didn’t help that Tinder also managed to remove a number of matches from certain accounts.

According to CNN, Facebook released a statement on the changes to their privacy standards and how it affected Tinder:

“This was part of the changes that we announced today, and we are working with Tinder to address this issue”

Tinder also released a statement on Twitter, noting the issues. It also shows just how many folks use Facebook to sign into their accounts as opposed to their phone numbers:

Things seem to be back to normal by now for the most part, though plenty of users are still wondering what happened to all of their matches. Others are probably just happy that they now have the possibility to make one match. The reactions were pretty special, though:

The one thing that is certain is how much people would freak if all of their social media stopped working all at once. And the worst part, they’d have nowhere to complain about it.

(Via NY Mag / The Verge / CNN)