‘Almost Human’ Looks Almost Good

J.J. Abrams’ newest TV series is Almost Human on FOX. It stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, who are both probably too hot to be relegated to a FOX show, and yet there they are.

Set 35 years in the future, Urban plays John Kennex, a temperamental cop who’s back on the force after being wounded on the job. He now has a synthetic leg, and he’s not happy about it because he hates robots. In other words, he’s playing Will Smith’s character from I Robot, except in this version the robot is his partner, and he tosses it underneath a moving semi. They’ll have your badge and gun for that, Karl Urban!

After destroying a taxpayer-owned robot worth a small fortune, Detective Kennex is inexplicably not fired. Instead, he’s paired with an even more rare robot (played by Michael Ealy) who is nearly human. This game of cops and robots is “being billed as a Ro-Bromance” according to /film. Abrams knows how to chase that Tumblr dollar.

Almost Human premieres in two parts on November 17th and 18th.

[Sources: /film and CBM. Banner image courtesy of FOX.]