‘American Horror Story’ Season Six Now Has A Mysterious And Horrifying Set Of Teasers

We still haven’t been gifted any real plot details about the sixth season of American Horror Story, but the latest teasers released do bring the horror part of the series to the forefront. There’s dread, shocks, and more collected across these short teasers, almost a bit too much considering that final teaser with the woman running on the stairs.

It starts small enough with some ominous smoke rising from an old house in the middle of nowhere, kinda reminding you of the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This is supported by the second teaser featuring a very devious looking thing containing some sharp logos for the show and a knife. Then the scares begin.

First, there’s a hand that jumps into the frame to grab at the knife, likely to either end some poor soul’s life or carve up a delicious ham for family dinner on the homestead. It doesn’t look like a friendly hand, so I might have to go with the former.

Second, and not least, is the stair scene. It’s like almost every bad dream you’ve ever had where you’re running, slower and slower, all before complete terror enters and forces you to wake up in a cold sweat. Or at least you’re hoping it’s sweat.

According to People, a fan theory points towards this season following the hellish spawn of Connie Britton’s character from season one — the results of some not so pleasant ghost sex. This is doubtful, at least in terms of it being a proper continuation of that tale, since Jessica Lange won’t be returning to the series. If you’re going to return to any part of season one, you’re going to want her to be involved.

(Via People / Variety)