‘Archer’ Rampaged Its Way Into Private Investigation For The Season Premiere

After a year of CIA freelancing, the gang from Archer found themselves with a new occupation (private investigation), in a new city (Los Angeles), and a new name (that they’re not married to). But getting into all that, we’re introduced to a huge plot development.

We start with some detectives investigating very important things.

Anyways, they’re investigating a murder and WHAAAAAAA?

But how did this happen? Well to tell that story, we have to go back six months, when the team was still getting its investigations off the ground.

Turns out Cyril found the one useful item from a law degree.

And after three months, The Figgis Agency got its first client, big-time movie star Veronica Deane.

And she is quite well endowed.

As for the gang’s first mission, Pam is pretty psyched up.

Mallory, not so much.

Krieger is still … “Krieger” as ever.

And apparently we’re not doing “phrasing” now, which sucks and blows.

Still, Archer was able to find happiness just being in the field again.

There were a few hitches along the way.

But Archer, Lana, and Ray managed to get away …

… in varying degrees of pain.

And while the mission was complete, some red flags came up.

And then there’s the whole “client pretended to be Veronica Deane” thing. Yeah, that’s not good.

And sure we could focus on the ramifications of all that, OR we could focus on Pam’s knack for drawing up business.