‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Revisits One Of The Films’ Most Heartbreaking Scenes

News & Culture Writer

Ever since The Evil Dead, Ashley “Ash” J. Williams (Bruce Campbell) has spent his life trying to escape the sleepy Michigan cabin where it all began — where his girlfriend, Linda, became a deadite and tried to kill him, forcing the Value Stop stock boy to decapitate her and bury the body. Where the Knowby family, the cabin’s owners and supposed relatives of Ruby (Lucy Lawless), met a gruesome end in Evil Dead II. And where, in the latest episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, the titular hero shuns escapism and returns in the hopes of defeating evil once and for all.

This is the most difficult challenge Ash has ever faced. That’s because his motto — shoot first, think later — no longer applies. He can no longer get by with mindless brawn and little to no brainpower. As Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi puts it, Ash is “a blowhard and a coward and a braggart and just the worst hero that they ever made.” He doesn’t need to think, which is great because he’s not very good at it. Yet coming back to the cabin requires nothing else, and this terrifies him.

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