‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Pits ‘Batman V Superman’ Against ‘Bridget Jones’ With This Fight Mashup

Between disappointed critics, Kool-Aid-drinking fans and cinematic legends like Bruce Campbell, everyone seems to think they know how to fix director Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Perhaps the long-awaited big screen debut of the famed DC Comics’ characters first meeting (and fight) was never meant to be. According to the latest mashup from Jimmy Kimmel Live, however, something wonderful might have happened had fans waited a few more months.

Per the fake trailer above, Batman & Superman v Bridge Jones posits a world in which the titular Batman v Superman characters are both romantically involved with the famous Renee Zellweger character, whose next appearance is in Bridge Jones’s Baby. But what if Jones’s third film wasn’t just another romantic comedy with a major pregnancy plot thrown into the mix? What if, as Jimmy Kimmel’s writing staff suggests, the “son of Krypton” and “bat of Gotham” were the two leading candidates for the father?

Whether the so-called “man of steel,” who serves as Jones’s new love interest opposite the dark knight’s rich, roving ex-boyfriend type, is the father remains to be seen. In fact, one of the mashup’s final jokes suggests that the “v” of the title had little to do with fighting and more to do with… things.