The Best Of Glenn Howerton’s Reddit AMA

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns to stare at us from across the room in less than a week (next Wednesday specifically), and the cast is beginning to make the publicity rounds. When you’re the main attraction on a new network, you’ve got to step up and be more of a heroic dayman than a rapey nightman. Glenn Howerton, who plays D.E.N.N.I.S. System founder Dennis Reynolds, is such a champion of the sun man, and yesterday, he stopped by Reddit for an Ask Me Anything. Yes, he does discuss Christina Hendricks. Yes.

Outside of Always Sunny, what’s your favorite tv show and why?

Breaking Bad. To me it is the ultimate drama. Regular guy gets caught up in something he has no business being involved in only to flip the script and become his true self: the most ruthless motherf*cker in the world.

How close is the gang in real life?

Too close.

Was seeing Divito flop out of that leather couch naked as hilarious on set as it was on TV.

I saw his actual asshole that day.

Whose idea was it to have dee slowly become a bird throughout the episode?

It happened kind of naturally after we first said she looked like Larry Bird in Season 3 “Mac is a serial killer”

I’ve always wanted to know who, if anyone, was the inspiration for Charlie’s character? Also, who writes Charlie’s songs and plays?

Charlie writes a lot of the music, as does our friend Cormac Bluestone who helped a lot with Nightman and many other things since then. We often all write the lyrics.

Explain this. [see below]

We dated for a while. She’s a great gal.

What’s your favorite episode from the new season coming up? A guy on r/iasip mentioned that of the three new episodes he got to see (he works in the media somewhere) he thought “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award” might be the best episode of the whole series.

That episode is pretty great. It’s an all time high for sure. I think we’ve done some of our best work this season.

When you came up with the character of Dennis did you always intend for him to be a complete sociopath or did it just end up working out like that?

I always knew he was socio, I just wasn’t ready to go all the way with it at first. It’s been fun to tease it out and let it build over the years.

Hi there, I heard Game of Thrones writers wrote an episode of its always sunny, When is it supposed to air? Also, what was it like working with them?

Yes, the Game of Thrones guys (Benioff and Weiss) wrote an ep. this year. It’s going to be called “Flowers for Charlie” and I’m not sure when it will air. They were great to work with. Smart as hell.

The Nightman Cometh is one of the most popular episodes you guys have made to date, any plans on another musical episode?

We have discussed it very seriously.

Hey Glenn, when recently watching Serenity, I noticed that you were in the film. How did that come about? Were you a fan of the show and asked to be in the film or was it a random acting job.

Good friends with Morena Baccarin so I knew those guys.

How often are you guys actually drunk during filming? And who is the wildest person of the group when you guys all go out to drink?

We NEVER drink on set. It’s “bad for insurance” and we would NEVER want to put the show at risk….NEVER!!!!!

Do you really have all of Rick Astley’s CDs?

The Rick Astley thing came from my sister Courtney and I growing up hearing him on the radio and imitating his weird singing voice all the time. To me it was originally just a shout out to her, then Dennis obsession with 80s music became a runner.