Bill Maher Channels Donald Trump To Show How A Future State Of The Union Address Might Look

When a presidential candidate finally tells America to “lick my balls,” it might finally be the wake up call we all need. Or people will love it. That’s the story Bill Maher tried to tell at the close of show on Friday during the New Rules segment, pointing the spotlight on the profrane road political discussion seems to be heading.

We can blame Donald Trump, sure, but Maher points out that it’s just the reality of how we all speak bleeding into the speech we hear from political figures. Something that plenty of people enjoy. So maybe we will get to see the president dropping a few f-bombs and other salty language during the State of The Union address. Considering the horrible things politicians do or promise to do a good portion of the time, their speech is really the least of our worries.

Elsewhere in the show, Maher addressed the recent #BlackLivesMatters protest at a Hillary Clinton event and questioned if the protesters aren’t targeting the wrong people when it comes to the issues. And while Maher makes a good point about the remarks from candidates like Donald Trump, his guests on the panel — including Mark Ruffalo — seem to disagree about his point of view on the subject.

Ruffalo also makes his presence known with his own segment where he talks about his work on and how the issues in Flint are truly more widespread than we want to believe. Just the idea that you can’t trust your drinking water in a nation that touts itself as a shining beacon for the rest of the world seems frightening. Even worse is the idea that it didn’t have to happen, which Ruffalo points out.

And finally, General Michael Hayden stops by the show to discuss national security a bit and some of the discussions we’ve heard from candidates on the campaign trail. Obviously Trump comes into the discussions again — how can he not — noting how his promises to waterboard “and more” while also targeting terrorists families would be a violation of international law. Such a violation, the military might even have the option to refuse the orders.

Standing the sidelines and just taking in this campaign from all sides, it’s clear we’re deep in the extreme portion before the general election. Donald Trump has certainly elevated the radical talk from all sides, but it is nothing new and it’s hard to decode how much we should take seriously. But talk of coups and torture aren’t the most positive things to be discussing in relation to America.

(Via Real Time)