Bill Maher Channels Donald Trump To Show How A Future State Of The Union Address Might Look

02.27.16 2 years ago

When a presidential candidate finally tells America to “lick my balls,” it might finally be the wake up call we all need. Or people will love it. That’s the story Bill Maher tried to tell at the close of show on Friday during the New Rules segment, pointing the spotlight on the profrane road political discussion seems to be heading.

We can blame Donald Trump, sure, but Maher points out that it’s just the reality of how we all speak bleeding into the speech we hear from political figures. Something that plenty of people enjoy. So maybe we will get to see the president dropping a few f-bombs and other salty language during the State of The Union address. Considering the horrible things politicians do or promise to do a good portion of the time, their speech is really the least of our worries.

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