Conan Calls On Terry Crews To Bring Some Positivity To ‘Battlefield 1’ On The Latest Clueless Gamer

Conan is back with another round of Clueless Gamer, this time featuring a game you’ve all probably played at this point: Battlefield One. Seeing how Conan is a known history buff, it’s really no surprise that he’d want to sit down and play this one for the show. Also, it involves just shooting things and not pushing your broken down car through a fantasy world. I think he was really off the mark with his Final Fantasy hatred now that I’ve played it, but what can you do? The guy was not ready for all that friendship!

This time around, Terry Crews is in the guest chair to help Conan combat the depressing futility of “The War To End War.” The game does you no favors, showing you when your character was born and really knocking home all that Erich Maria Remarque dialogue you get throughout the game. We get it, war is bad. Now let me shoot down this zeppelin and then board it before it crashes into the ground below.

To help aid them in their battle against the sadness of war, Conan and Crews bring in a little cuddly backup. And when that’s not enough, they have even more to help out.

Aaron Bleyaert even makes a small appearance, letting Conan know what’s happening in the game after things get a little confusing during the zeppelin battle. No choking required this time around.

(Via Team Coco)