Watch A Racist C-SPAN Caller Say ‘Republicans Hate That N***** Obama’ During A Live Broadcast

Say what you want about C-SPAN being boring, but refusing to use a tape delay during call-in show Washington Journal is a pretty brazen strategy, one that leaves the door open for things to get interesting in a hurry. Sometimes in the worst way.

Case in point, the call featured in the video above. A seemingly droll Republican caller by the name of Anthony got on the air during today’s program and launched into a pretty level-headed rant about the GOP not getting too big for its britches following its mid-term election dominance. Then things slid off the rails in a hurry…

“I would just like to say, that the Republicans — and I’m a Republican — please do not overreach. I know they’re going to overreach but I’m telling you, if you advocate for the repeal of Obamacare and you get too extreme, then Hillary Clinton will be elected President in 2016. This is about race. The Republicans hate that n***** Obama.”

That last remark perked the ears of host Steve Scully, who quickly ended the call and issued a swift apology.

(Via TPM; H/T Complex)