Everyone Is At War In The New Season 4 Preview For ‘Person Of Interest’

The hit CBS drama Person of Interest returns for its fourth season on Tuesday, September 23, and John and Harold can’t get back to fighting Samaritan soon enough. Season 3 ended with the good guys going their separate ways as John Greer and Decima Technologies launched their own all-seeing supercomputer to keep an eye on everyone in America, all for the sake of “security.” Obviously, John and Harold, as well as Shaw and Root, are at the top of the list for the government and Decima to catch and “handle appropriately,” but as we see in this preview for Season 4, John is itching to get back into the game, while Harold is worried about being caught.

Will the good guys keep receiving numbers when the new season starts, or will they be relegated to saving their own asses from being killed? Will the bad guys be shot in the knees and shoulders one-by-one until Harold and Root can dismantle Samaritan, or will Greer and Control finally achieve ultimate power? We’ll have to wait another week and see, but in the meantime, I’m really jealous that my praise for Person of Interest, probably my favorite drama on TV, didn’t make the cut in this new extended promo, so I’m going to try a little harder – Person of Interest is the most compelling, intense, super-duper, bad ass, and totally radical show on TV. It rules hella hard and you’re a total lame-o if you don’t watch.

I look forward to seeing that quote in the Season 5 preview.