On The Heels Of ‘Midnight Mass,’ Netflix Is Already Announcing Another Mike Flanagan Series

The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor fans received a real treat from Mike Flanagan a few weeks ago with Netflix’s Midnight Mass. Have you watched it yet, and if not, what are you waiting for? Flanagan, who has called this his favorite project so far, hit another home run, further cementing his status as a modern horror master. As the series’ charismatic priest, Hamish Linklater will spook the hell out of your soul while charming you (and making you laugh during key moments) at the same time. In short, his character shakes up an isolated community that lives on spooky Crockett Island. A lot of supernatural shenanigans are afoot, but human nature proves to be scarier. And the show’s been sitting in the Netflix Top 10 list for weeks (although no one can hope to compete with Squid Game). Already, there’s a followup coming, too.

Wait a second, there’s already another Mike Flanagan (and Trevor Macy) series in the works with Netflix. That would be The Midnight Club (based on the Christopher Pike book), which finished up casting in February. And now there’s yet another project on the horizon, which would be based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The limited series will be called The Fall of the House of Usher, and Netflix isn’t saying too much (no projected date, no casting, zilch), yet, other than it’ll be based on multiple Poe offerings.

Limited series are the name of the horror game, man. With any luck, Netflix can bump this out for 2022 Halloween season, and by that time, we might already know about several Squid Game competing series, too.