Game Of Thrones Character Names Get Autocorrected And Hilarity Ensues

James Chapman is a wonderful artist from the United Kingdom who has a lot of fun with language. His new book Soundimals is an illustrated guide to animal sounds in other languages, and his website is full of stuff like anagrams of famous actors. He also recently ventured into the world of autocorrect, drawing hilarious pictures of the words generated when you try to enter the names of Game of Thrones characters into your smartphone.

If a phone was really smart, you’d think it would have gotten on board with Game of Thrones by now. Instead, it thinks I’m trying to talk about the Whalers when I type Khaleesi. What other silliness occurs when we pump Westeros vernacular into our phones? Let’s take a look…

For more Game of Thrones autocorrect check out James Chapman’s website, and don’t forget to take a look at his book Soundimals: An Illustrated Guide to Animal Sounds in Other Languages.