Angry Philadelphia Fans Booed The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons

Quick background: Game of Thrones has been doing this “Dance of Dragons” promotional tour as part of its push surrounding the season five DVD release. The promotion involves a 3D animated dragon getting projected onto buildings in select cities, as well as “dug up concrete, skid marks, dragon footprints, rippling smoke, [and] crushed benches” around the locations to add to the dragon-y feel. After making stops in New York and Los Angeles earlier in the week, the promotion stopped by Philadelphia on Wednesday night.

The payoff: Philly booed the dragons.

This, to be very clear, is perfect. Like, of course Philly booed the dragons. Even if the show had been a little more visually impressive (big shout out to the tiny voice at the end of that video who says “It doesn’t look good!,” by the way), Philly still probably would have booed the dragons. It’s just the way things work.

You know what’s really fun? Picture two people in HBO’s PR department planning this all out last week, one of whom grew up in Philly and one who lived a sheltered life in California.

PERSON 1: … so we stop in LA and New York, and then on Wednesday we swing by Philly. Sound good?

PERSON 2: Yup. What are we gonna do when Philly boos the dragons?

PERSON 1: What? No! People won’t boo free dragons!

PERSON 2: Oh, they are definitely going to boo the dragons. Might throw things at them, too.

PERSON 1: I refuse to believe it.

PERSON 2: Google HitchBOT.

PERSON 1: [30 seconds later] Oh, they are definitely going to boo the dragons.


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