‘Game Of Thrones’ Viewers Got All Fired Up About The ‘Dracarys’ On Display During The Last War


Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8 will be found below.

The last word spoken by Missandei in last week’s Game of Thrones has proven to play an elemental role in Season 8, Episode 5, otherwise known as “The Last War” prior to airing. Daenerys’ close friend and interpreter, moments before her execution, simply snarled, “Dracarys,” which is High Valyrian for “dragon fire.” That’s the word that Dany has repeatedly used to instruct her dragons to torch opponents, and that’s exactly what happened throughout this episode.

Dany certainly let loose from the episode’s opening. She summarily ordered Drogon to execute Varys for treason and then blamed Sansa, who she insisted “killed Varys as much as I did.” Jon Snow didn’t really object to this explanation while Tyrion fretted and Grey Worm was down for any sort of revenge after his love’s death. From there, the dragon fire poured through Euron’s fleet with the crossbow-wielding weasel narrowly escaping (though he didn’t get so lucky while meeting Jaime). And then Dany unleashed dragon breath throughout the castle grounds, which led social media to freak out even more.

Folks warmed up by tweeting the #Dracarys hashtag as the episode began rolling (and on Mother’s Day from the Mother of Dragons, no less).

People also reacted strongly the the first Dracarys appearance in the episode — Varys’ execution with Dany pointing the finger at Sansa.

This was only the beginning of an episode full of hellfire. Euron getting his booty singed was a nice moment, and the action didn’t stop from there.

This is what happens when you make a dragon mom angry!