‘Get Shorty’ Will Be The Next Elmore Leonard Classic To Hit Television

The last time Elmore Leonard was brought to television, we were treated to several seasons of high quality crime storytelling in the hills of Kentucky with Justified. Now Epix is going to try another Leonard story by bringing their version of Get Shorty to TV and changing things a bit.

Shameless executive producer Davey Holmes will lead the show to Epix with a ten-episode order and a story that seems to be taking a different route from the Leonard novel and the classic John Travolta film. The themes will be intact, at least according to Deadline:

Written by Holmes, Get Shorty centers on Miles Daly, who works as muscle for a murderous crime ring in Nevada. For the sake of his daughter, he attempts to change professions and become a movie producer, laundering money through a Hollywood film. But instead of leaving the criminal world behind, he accidentally brings it with him to Los Angeles.

“Davey has created a modern-day re-envisioning of Elmore Leonard’s timeless cult classic where organized crime and Hollywood collide in very funny ways,” said Mark Burnett and Steve Stark of MGM TV.

Graham Yost managed to take a short story and turn it into a world full of interesting characters and stories. Saying the same is possible here is pretty lofty, but we won’t know until it premieres. If anything, I just hope it’s more Justified and less Maximum Bob — a fine show, but also one that was not around long. I’d even just take a Karen Sisco.

(Via Deadline)