Taryn Manning Talks ‘Orange Is The New Black’ And Being A Kid Martial Artist In The Latest ‘Hang Time’

While Taryn Manning has been in the business for almost two decades, the talented actress found one of her highest-profile roles to date in Netflix‘s smash hit Orange Is The New Black. As Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, one of the most complicated and troubled inmates in Litchfield Penitentiary, Manning has done some truly excellent work. It would have been easy for the character to become a one-dimensional villain, but Manning gives her depth and an undercurrent of sadness.

Off-screen, however, Manning is a much livelier, fun-loving presence. In the latest episode of Hang Time, she couldn’t help but talk some serious smack with host Brandon “B Dot” Armstrong, telling him that she had been flown in, “probably because I’m going to beat you.” Savage. She also intimidated by calling out her skills as a childhood martial artist (two-time coed champion in Tuscon, Arizona, age range 8-10).

Manning wasn’t flown in purely to defeat or get inside B Dot’s head, though. She also managed to reveal that Natasha Lyonne is the funniest cast member and she talked about her great and not so great interactions with fans; like the time she was sent a life-size unicorn and how some people are shocked to see that she has a “vocabulary and nice teeth,” unlike her character.

But enough about all that did Manning manage to best B Dot? Check out the full interview above to find out.