Is ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Getting A Season 2?

Only a Sith deals in absolutes, but Star Wars fans are absolutely wondering what’s going on with the Disney-owned franchise. Earlier today, the X account for Empire magazine wrote, “TOMORROW. 4PM,” along with an image of the recognizable Star Wars background with the words “hello there…” That’s all the information out there so far, but considering the “hello there…” quote is Obi-Wan’s oft-repeated catchphrase of sorts, the top speculation is that Obi-Wan Kenobi season two will be announced tomorrow.

The thing is, Obi-Wan himself, Ewan McGregor, recently told Variety there’s been “no talk” of a second season. He added, “There is a lot going on at Disney.” But McGregor “would love to do the second season,” and he’s even pitched ideas to director Deborah Chow.

“You always think you’re going to end a series like this in some magnificent way, but instead you end up in a parking lot with second unit and hardly anybody there. It’s always so anti­climactic, but as Ewan and I finished our very last shot on second unit and I was literally taking off my headphones, he was already pitching me ideas for season two,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “There’s another 10 years with plenty of stories, and I don’t think it’s off the board. It is a ‘never say never’ situation, but we really did conceive this to be a limited series.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a Kit Fisto movie.