The James Corden Restaurant Saga Rises From The Dead Once Again, On Halloween, Like Some Sort Of Zombie

Did you really think he was done talking about this? After Restauranter Keith McNally banned (then unbanned) James Corden from his various world-famous restaurants due to his alleged nasty behavior, it seems like he really wants that last word.

If you aren’t familiar with this month’s latest ‘celebrity being rude’ scandal, here is a brief timeline: McNally posted a photo of the late-night host earlier this month paired with a scathing caption accusing Corden of treating his waitstaff poorly and being the “most abusive” customer. Corden originally apologized, which McNally seemed to accept, but then kept spewing some not-so-nice stuff. Then Corden really apologized, which was accepted along with McNally’s own apology. Now, McNally is taking his apology back! This one is a rollercoaster.

McNally took to his Instagram today to post yet another blurry image of James Corden paired with an aggressive caption, this time calling him a “phony.”


I don’t want to over-egg the pudding, but in Friday’s London Times Corden flip-flopped and told a massive lie AGAIN:” I never screamed at anyone, I didn’t shout, didn’t call anyone a name or swear or use derogatory language… How is it remotely a thing? When that person who posted the story wasn’t even there. ”

On second viewing, I found his TV “confessional” contrived and phony. The actor will say anything to save his bacon. In the scheme of things my opinion means nothing, but after Friday’s interview and a second look at his fraudulent confessional, I’ve given up on James Corden. For Good.


Have we been fooled by the “end of story” line before? Yes. But do we think Corden will keep coming back to double down on his meanness? Probably! After all, his job ends next year so he has a lot of free time coming up. Corden has yet to respond to the latest Instagram post, but let’s just hope, for all of our sakes, that maybe his Instagram account isn’t working right now.