You’ll Either Love Or Want To Punch The Reigning ‘Jeopardy’ Champion

When Ken Jennings was dominating on Jeopardy, the world cheered him on. He was funny, he was our last (failed) hope against the robot uprising, he was, and remains, the man. But most of all, he was not Buzzy Cohen, one of the more polarizing contestants in the game show’s long history.

Cohen, a recording industry executive from Los Angeles, has an eight-day winning streak going on Jeopardy, and it hasn’t even been close. His reign began in April, when he conquered his closest competitor by $5,000. By game four, Cohen was doubling the winnings of his fellow contestants, and having fun doing it. He wrote “what is, see you tomorrow, Trebek” during one Final Jeopardy, and “who is, you aren’t rid of me yet, Trebek” during another.

Cohen told the Wrap, “The thing that people don’t realize is that, when I went into my audition, the one thing that the contestant coordinator said was, ‘It’s a game show — have fun.’ So that’s what I’m doing.” Except his having fun could easily be mistaken for smugness (he’s not all business, like Margaret Miles), which is why Twitter is so torn over whether they’re pro- or anti-Buzzy.

I can’t wait until the Coen Brothers turn his life into a movie.

(Via the Wrap)